The Next Evolution of Genomics

An electronic mapping platform for a full view of the human genome

Introducing the OhmX Analyzer™

High resolution structural variant analysis

Closing the Technology Gap

Structural variants (SVs) are a major form of genomic variation and affect more of the human genome than any other variation type. To fully realize the promise of genomics and improve human health, researchers and clinicians must query and understand all forms of SVs.

Straightforward and cost-effective SV analysis

The OhmX Analyzer is a simple benchtop solution designed to drive SV detection at the whole genome level. With its low cost and minimal set-up requirements, researchers and scientists can now conveniently access SV data, without compromising on sensitivity and accuracy.

Unrivaled resolution to uncover new insights

Our state-of-the-art, electronic nanodetectors deliver the highest resolution for whole genome structural variant analysis. With the OhmX platform, you can perform whole genome analysis of SVs down to 300bp- enabling insights into previously undetectable DNA variations.

Reliable, actionable, and easy-to-interpret data

Nabsys has partnered with Hitachi High Tech to develop Human Chromosome Explorer™, a suite of secondary analytical software tools that seamlessly assembles genomes and identifies SVs according to custom parameters. Human Chromosome Explorer puts actionable SV data at your fingertips.

Research Areas & Applications

OhmX enables a variety of different SV analyses based on research needs ensuring a more complete view of the human genome.

Functional Genomics Research
Rare Disease
Cancer Research
Cell and Gene Therapy
Emerging Technologies

Our Products

Nabsys OhmX Analyzer
OhmX Analyzer™

A low cost instrument that fits on a standard benchtop and is easy to install in any laboratory.

Nabsys Sample Prep Kit
OhmX Sample Prep Kit

High Definition Mapping DNA Preparation Kits have been validated for high molecular weight DNA isolated from blood and cell lines.

OhmX-8 Detector

High Definition Mapping Nano-detectors can be reused to analyze multiple samples and minimize run costs.

OhmX Cartridges

High Definition Mapping Nano-detectors can be reused to analyze multiple samples and minimize run costs.

Human Chromosome Explorer™

provides results in the cloud and accessible securely from anywhere powered by Hitachi.

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