Nabsys Raises $25 Million Equity Round

Funding will fuel further development and commercialization of Nabsys’ second-generation High-Definition Mapping platform.

PROVIDENCE RI (April 13, 2022) Nabsys, the pioneer in electronic whole-genome mapping, announced today that it has closed on $25 million in funding with strategic partner Hitachi High-Tech Corporation. The deal also provides for an additional $13 million upon achieving certain milestones.

The funding will be used to complete development and commercialization of the second-generation of its High-Definition Mapping™ (HDM™) platform. The company will increase headcount in R&D, manufacturing, and global commercial operations.

“Hitachi High-Tech has had a long-standing interest in the analysis of human structural variation and has been in search of a technology to meet the significant market need,” said Tsuyoshi Ogino, general manager, Molecular Research & Diagnostics Division at Hitachi High-Tech America, Inc., and Nabsys board member. “We believe the Nabsys HDM platform is the ideal solution for that important unmet need.”

Barrett Bready, M.D., Nabsys founder, and CEO said Hitachi High-Tech’s investment will help enable Nabsys to make the analysis of genome-wide human structural variation widely available, accurate, and cost effective.

“Our first-generation HDM instruments have been in customers’ hands for over a year now and have been very well-received,” said Bready. “We are excited to capitalize on the highly scalable nature of our high-speed, single-molecule, electronic detection to increase throughput and expand the application space.”

Structural Variation Challenges:

In the past decade, scientists have determined that structural variants (SVs) account for the majority of human genomic variation. However, SV research has been limited due to relatively high cost, high computational burden, and inadequate performance of current tools. Long-read technologies are expensive and lack sufficient read-length, while optical mapping technologies have inherent limitations in resolution.

Nabsys HD-Mapping Solution:

Nabsys is the pioneer in high-definition electronic genome mapping. By employing electronic detection, HD-Mapping can offer cost-effective hardware and consumables while delivering high-resolution single-molecule measurements. The Nabsys HDM platform makes long-range structural information accessible to every laboratory.

About Nabsys:

The Nabsys mission is to advance the understanding of disease, increase diagnostic yield, and improve patient outcomes by enabling routine, accurate, cost-effective analysis of genomic structural variation. Located in Providence, RI, Nabsys employs a growing interdisciplinary group of dedicated scientists, engineers, and other professionals committed to the advancement of genomic analysis.

About Hitachi High-Tech:

Hitachi High-Tech Corporation, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hitachi Ltd., headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, is engaged in activities in a broad range of business fields, including manufacture and sales of analytical systems, electron microscopes, in vitro diagnostic systems, and semiconductor manufacturing equipment, and providing high value-added solutions in fields of social & industrial infrastructures and mobility, etc.


Brian Paras VP, Commercial Development

Nabsys Releases New Nanodetector Chips, Increasing Throughput of its HD-Mapping Platform


August 11, 2021 / Providence, RI: Nabsys, the pioneer in electronic whole-genome mapping, announces the release of its next-generation HDM-5 Chip™ for HD-Mapping™. This most recent development has contributed to a 10-fold increase in throughput over the last nine months. Customers are receiving shipments of these next-generation chips this month.

CEO and Founder, Barrett Bready said, “The release of our new higher-throughput HDM-5 Chip clearly demonstrates the scalability of HD-Mapping. We have addressed all technical challenges associated with electronic detector scaling, clearing the path to routine, accurate, cost-effective analysis of genomic structural variation, including next-generation cytogenomics.” John Oliver, Nabsys CTO, added, “This is really just the beginning for electronic whole-genome mapping. Nabsys is pushing the boundaries of DNA mapping by employing electronic detection to achieve higher resolution than is possible with other technologies. We are continually innovating with HD-Mapping to further increase throughput, explore new application areas, and advance data analysis tools while reducing per sample cost.”

About HD-Mapping
These characteristics make HDM an ideal first-line approach for a variety of applications for small and large genomes, including genome assembly, structural variant analysis, and strain identification. The HD-Mapping system is a total whole-genome mapping solution including the HD-Mapping instrument, electronic nanodetector chips, sample-preparation kits, run reagents, and advanced analytical software tools.

Brian Paras VP, Commercial Development

HD-Mapping Systems Shipping to Customers

Nabsys is now shipping HD-Mapping systems in fulfillment of customer orders.

HD-Mapping provides high-resolution, high-definition electronic detection that supports a variety of genomic mapping applications, across a wide range of organisms.

For product information, availability, and pricing please contact us at

Learn more about High-Definition whole-genome mapping at

3 HD-Mapping systems shipping to customer labs

Nabsys Raises $21 Million Equity Round Led by Hitachi High-Technologies

PROVIDENCE RI (October 2, 2019) Nabsys, the pioneer in high-definition genome mapping, announced today that it has closed on a $21 million equity round led by Hitachi High-Technologies Corporation.

Nabsys will use the funding to finalize product development and support global commercial launch of their HD-Mapping™ whole-genome electronic mapping platform.

HD-Mapping has applications in a wide variety of key research applications, including de novo assembly, structural variant analysis, metagenome characterization, and strain identification, as well as in next-generation cytogenetics. Nabsys electronic mapping enables routine, scalable analysis of genomic structural variation.

Mr. Tsuyoshi Ogino, General Manager, Innovation Division at Hitachi High-Technologies said, “There is a strong need for accurate, robust, and scalable genomic structural analysis for cytogenetic, cancer, and infectious disease research. Hitachi High-Technologies determined that the Nabsys HD-Mapping approach effectively supports this need. The company is also a strong fit with our strategy for continued advanced R&D with strategic investments in life sciences.”

“This investment round will help Nabsys fulfill its mission to make the analysis of large- and intermediate-scale genomic variation as routine, accurate, and cost-effective as the analysis of single-nucleotide variation,” said Barrett Bready, M.D., Founder and CEO at Nabsys.

About Hitachi High-Technologies Corporation:
Hitachi High-Technologies Corporation, headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, is engaged in activities in a broad range of fields, including Analytical & Medical Solutions (manufacture and sales of clinical analyzers, biotechnology products, and analytical instruments), Nano-Technology Solutions (manufacture and sales of semiconductor manufacturing equipment and analysis equipment), and Industrial Solutions (providing high value-added solutions in fields of social & industrial infrastructures and mobility, etc.). The company’s consolidated revenues for FY 2018 were approx. JPY 731.1 billion [USD 6.6 billion]. For further information, visit

About Nabsys:
Nabsys is the leader in high-definition electronic genome mapping. Nabsys uses proprietary electronic nanochannel detectors to analyze long DNA molecules at high velocity. Nabsys HD-Mapping™ whole genome maps with sub-diffraction-limit resolution, provide compelling advantages for the analysis of genomic structural variation, genome assembly, and high-specificity strain identification. For further information, visit


Brian Paras VP, Commercial Development