Nabsys Releases New Nanodetector Chips, Increasing Throughput of its HD-Mapping Platform


August 11, 2021 / Providence, RI: Nabsys, the pioneer in electronic whole-genome mapping, announces the release of its next-generation HDM-5 Chip™ for HD-Mapping™. This most recent development has contributed to a 10-fold increase in throughput over the last nine months. Customers are receiving shipments of these next-generation chips this month.

CEO and Founder, Barrett Bready said, “The release of our new higher-throughput HDM-5 Chip clearly demonstrates the scalability of HD-Mapping. We have addressed all technical challenges associated with electronic detector scaling, clearing the path to routine, accurate, cost-effective analysis of genomic structural variation, including next-generation cytogenomics.” John Oliver, Nabsys CTO, added, “This is really just the beginning for electronic whole-genome mapping. Nabsys is pushing the boundaries of DNA mapping by employing electronic detection to achieve higher resolution than is possible with other technologies. We are continually innovating with HD-Mapping to further increase throughput, explore new application areas, and advance data analysis tools while reducing per sample cost.”

About HD-Mapping
These characteristics make HDM an ideal first-line approach for a variety of applications for small and large genomes, including genome assembly, structural variant analysis, and strain identification. The HD-Mapping system is a total whole-genome mapping solution including the HD-Mapping instrument, electronic nanodetector chips, sample-preparation kits, run reagents, and advanced analytical software tools.

Brian Paras VP, Commercial Development